Monday, September 28, 2009

Can it be The Search is Over?

UPDATE: This is my very first post! I will link it up to Our Suburban Cottages' "How I Met My House Party" April 22 2010!

Yes, we have been looking for a home to buy for over 4 years now. Yep, you heard right, over 4 years. Why you ask, so long? Well, we had a blip back in 05 when we decided to sell and leave California for Arizona. Both Hubs and I thought we'd find our place there: larger digs, pool, nice and clean, etc. We weren't figuring for the 1000 degree summer temps well into October (ok I am exaggerating) or us and the kids desperately missing L.A. What can I say? Nothing against AZ... it had great things about it, but it just never felt like home for us. Oh, that and the fact Hubs business was here in L.A. and shortly after we moved he landed a huge account. So after 5 1/2 months, we moved back. Into the house we sold. Yes, you heard me right... for the 5 1/2 months we were gone, our home sat with a "for rent" sign on it, unrented and unloved. So during the years we've been back, we waited and watched as home prices went up-up-up, then down down down... we must have toured over 100 houses... I am not kidding.... went through countless Internet searches, several real estate agents (sorry, guys), and watched while houses we liked were either just out of reach financially, or sold after we finally decided (too late) to make that offer. Plus they just never felt right..... we looked in other neighborhoods and school districts, but kept coming back. After our son joined our local tag football this fall, we said: this is it. This is our community, the kids love it here, our friends are here... we're staying. But it seemed there was NO house for us to buy. Too small, too big, too expensive, just not right. Until Saturday. We're driving along and see the ubiquitous Open House sign. So discouraged (we had resolved for the millionth time to "just wait a few more months") we almost didn't go. We were on our way to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". But we did stop. Inside, an empty home, spotless. Not gross... hmmm... needs updates but I could live with this... nice layout, roomy but not cavernous.... nice 3 car garage, nice street....our neighborhood, same schools for the kids...hmmm... price: OMG we can actually afford it! What? It can't be. Agent tells us its not listed yet, had been EMPTY for 3 years after the ONE ORIGINAL OWNER decided to rent it out... after spouse passed away just wanted a nice family to move in...need to sell (enter: US! yes, we are nice! Maybe more Simpsons than Flanders but we're nice, really!!)

Anyway, we are waiting now for the bank (yes we were preapproved so it should go OK) and we'll walk y'all through the process. When it closes (please please let it be smooth!) I will post all the before pics. I am already thinking about the unfortunate lump of drywall between stones on the fireplace and how can I re-do it? You guys can help me choose decorating themes! I would describe myself as simply country with a touch of midcentury... does that even exist??

Check back and join me on the journey.

Oh and for you househunters I recommend doing homework--on, and sign up with Zip Realty to get auto emailed listings. Even though our house (please let it be our house!) was never listed, those sites are great... for comparison (comps) ideas, and whats really going on in your neck of the woods regarding real estate. I feel confident out accepted offer was fair, not a low-ball, not a rip-off to us... just fair. That's what we prayed for.....

Oh and blogs I love: Cote de Texas, The Lettered Cottage, an OC Cottage, Velvet & Linen, Heather Bullard, Our Suburban Cottage: I will post your links as soon as I figure out how to do it!!!!!

UPDATE: This is my very first post! I will link it up to Our Suburban Cottages' "How I Met My House Party" April 22 2010!
 View from our house...our block.

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