Monday, October 26, 2009

LINKS to my FAVE posts in Blogdom!

Remember I was making me-self nuts looking for the links to Cote de Texas house tour with Joni's terrific comments? Well, bless her, she sent me the links and here I share them. I can not tell you how much I LOVE these posts-- I can read them over and over and over... maybe I can learn from her through them, I hope!

Oh, swoooon, the seagrass carpets, the bamboo blinds, the flowing silk curtains, gleaming, rich hardwood floors, french chairs with skirts, nailhead trim... ok ok, whatcha waiting for??

Here they are:

Reader's Houses

Small, Stylish Houses

OK, "small" is a relative term...this is TEXAS, so "small" is 3000 sq ft... (Ok OK, not ALL of them are 3000 sf!) Here in my neck o da woods, "small" IS "small" 900-1100 sf. Mine clocks in at 2165, not bad.

OK, my other "fave" is Young House Love's How-To's. this one especially, because I am planing to paint my kitchen cabinets in my soon-to-be-house!!! They are just detailed enough without sounding pompous or complicated-- they rock! They are Do it yourself gurus-- be sure to visit their page that has a LIST of all their tutorial-type posts-- amazing what they have done!

And their "How To" page... I could be there for DAYS, I swear it.

There are so many others , but I am lazy now, so TBC................


  1. I've never visited the first two. Glad to have some new ones to check out. But I love Young House Love. I don't know how two people have so much creativity.

  2. Oh, I know they are so young, so creative and unique! You will adore Joni's blog at Cote de Texas--stuff dreams are made of!


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