Sunday, December 20, 2009

Handmade Christmas-SOAP!

Every year we do handmade gifts.. last year it was "Cookie Mix in a Jar" as wells as "Gourmet Hot Chocolate in a Jar" and "Mexican Horchata Mix in a Jar"... it was really fun and they turned out so pretty with all the layers showing through the glass jars..ok but that'll be another post....

This year: Soap!

This was easy.... all I needed was my 40% off Micheal's coupon, went and bought a 10 lb block of glycerine soap base and some color base (I read somewhere you can use plain old food colring, but that the blue looks "muddy" so I sprung the 2.79 for the special soap colorings... cause I love blue)

Got some old tupperwares and some plastic utensils to mix with, my dough cutter-thingy and sent to work!

I had saved 5 half-gallon carboard milk/juice containers...rinsed and coated lightly w/petroleum jelly.

Melted the base in the micro...(first chunked into 2" cubes). Then added color and scents. Here are some of the combos we came up with:

Root Beer (scented with a sarsapilla flavoring base I had in my pantry)
Almond (almond extract)
Mint (peppermint extract)
Cucumber Melon (purchased)
Lavender (essential oil)
Pear-Berry (purchased)
Lemon-Mint (extracts)
Raspeberry-Almond (yummyy... extracts)

You can really go nuts here!

Here are the results after packaging with clear cellophane treat bags and ribbon! I can believe how many we made! Perefct gifts for all the family/friends handmade by us... love it....

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  1. How fun! I love this idea...they look so pretty. Thanks for joining my party :)

  2. What wonderful soaps! Love the scents - a butter rum extract would be heavenly.


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