Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick and Lazy Updates to House!!

Nothing like having a party to motivate ya into finishing up some projects. right?

MMMM Lookit my island and desk w/bulletin board up I love it....

Well our small New Years Day wine pairing get-together has morphed into an Open House and I think like 25 people will be coming. So yesterday Hubs and I tackled some projects to make certain we had at least some seating... we still only have 5 chairs, no sofa (hopefully its supposed to be delivered TODAY) no living room furniture, but 4 stools I finally recovered 2 of them.... they don't match but oh well at least several people will have a place to sit.

Great Chair, isn't it? My Great-Grandmother's chair..which she reportedly dragged off the curb on trash day while my mom and her brother watched her, mortified... hmmm...compulsion for dumpster-diving must be hereditary 'cause I definitely got that!

I also finally finished the glazing/distressing of my guest bathroom cabinets and hung some pictures... I think I went a little too far on the distressing but I couldn't help it--it was sooo fun!! Interesting note, this is what my kitchen cabs would looked like if we hadn't gone new... I like em, but you can't beat the new ones with the all-new insides....

I also recovered my bulletin board in some YUMMY fabric (this fabric is leading my color theme for the den and kitchen, I love it)
Here's my wall on the other side of where my sofa will be... had to creatively hid a big ugly wire from the heater to the thermostat.... I think it looks fine for now..except for the cable wire underneath. Funny how you don't notice stuff till its in a picture!:

and no the pink table is not part of the permanent design ;)

And finally, here's my "wine nook"... we squeezed this in where previously there was a huge pantry. Boy I am so glad we did- I love it-- even when its looking messy....
Wait one more-- here's my cobbled-together living room-- I'll post the befores and afters together in another post, but to refresh your memory go here...
Linking to A Soft Place to Land's DIY Day!! See you there!

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