Monday, January 11, 2010

Powder Room Before and After

So here are the pics they so you can see the difference:



This is what was done:
I primed the cabinets with Kilz oil-based primer. Sanded them a bit.

Painted them with "Off White" paint (off the shelf Behr at Home Depot, in my garage already)

I glazed the cabinets using Valspar OOps paint in a dark brown color (3.00) and adding to the glazing medium (free because I had it in my garage)

Spray painted the original knobs and hinges with ORB (had that paint in my garage too)

So basically, I had all the pictures and materials, so almost free.
Oh I forgot a new TP holder bought at Lowe's for 28.00 (I splurged a bit there! Tee Hee!)

Still Left to Do:

Paint the walls, perhaps a deeper shade, like brown or taupe.

Make a frame for the existing mirror ala Mirrormate or home-made with molding
Replace light fixture...its not in the pics but man, its Ugly!!
But for now I think it looks great!! I am happy with it!
I'll be Linking up to Met Monday for this one! See you there!!

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  1. Hi Ann - Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! What a great job you did on your powder room make-over. I love the print you have hanging up!


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