Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I was inspired by a post on Clover Lane--to see if I could quit sugar. Sarah has done a great job with her Sugar-Detoxing Guide.

me. quit. sugar.


Now, some background: I'm a life-long weight-watcher. Lost 33 lbs 7 years ago, gained a few back, but not bad. I still fit into my goal-size pants. Most of my bad habits, including bingeing, waiting till everyone was asleep to systemactically raid the halloween/easter/valentine's day stash, having zero breakfast and lunch but pigging out at dinner, and hiding food to eat later-- well, those horrible ways(thank goodness) for the most part got banished by WeightWatchers, which is great.

However, I have been known to consider pudding as a it's own food group, and ice cream as a nutritional supplement. I have elevated eating valentine's day see's candy heart to a science, start with the truffles, move on to the fruity-chewies, end with the nuts..begin again.... I had a full-blown celebration when the news broke that dark chocolate is good for you! I told you so!


Lately, I'd been experiencing some strong cravings...for sugary stuff. Not just chocolate, anything sugary. I realized I was like a clock: after breakfast, I wanted something "sweet"..and nothing other than a sugary treat would do. After lunch, same thing. By 4pm, I'd be cooking dinner haphazardly(do you think hubs will notice we're having tacos 3 nights in a row? nah...), while meticulously plotting out what I'd have for dessert afterwards (mmmm....that banana-mocha-cream pie Emeril made doesn't look that complicated) When we attended a party a couple of weeks ago, the host asked us to bring some wine. I brought wine, along with 2 desserts, stashing cookies away for "later". I knew right then I had a problem.

So the very next day, I decided to go sugar free. It has not been without lapse; Saturday night, I had a small slice of apple pie, and I ate some honey and peanut butter on a cracker one night. However, the past 2 weeks' victories were amazing to me: On Mother's Day. which included grandma's birthday, I passed on home-made biscotti and red-velvet birthday cake. Didn't even want any! Huh? On Friday, my daughter brought home 300 chocolate candy bars to sell for a fundraiser. I DID NOT EVEN TASTE ANY. And they are the good ones. And they cost only 1.00 apiece(anyone want to buy a chocolate bar? it's for a good cause) They are sitting on my kitchen counter as we speak, and no, they are not taunting me one bit.

I don't know, maybe it's about me proving to myself that I actually do possess willpower, and I can do anything (just about) that I set my mind to. Also I was worried that I was addicted. I've read accounts of people having migraines, losing sleep, not having an ounce of energy..but honestly, I've been fine. Just this weekend I was a little headachey, but I think it was because of my monthly bill, not because I quit eating sugar.

I'm not planning to be sugar free forever, but I'm glad I am able to stop, if even for a week, a day, 2 weeks! I plan on doing this for as long as I feel I need to, but for at least 21 days which is the magic number of days needed to "break a habit".

So, if you've been thinking about it, give it a try. If I can do it, so can you, trust me. I've ordered the book "Sugar Blues" and will read it and let you know what I think of it.



  1. Ann, I saw your comment and questions over at Trendy Treehouse about the diaper cake I made, so I wanted to come on over and answer them for you. I bought the letter at walmart but you can get them at hobby lobby, joanns and probably michael's. I just painted it pink and then hot-glued some brown buttons on for the polka-dots. Shoot me an email if you have any other questions! Would love to see your take on the diaper cake when you're done!

  2. My best friend goes off sugar now and again and it always impresses me! So good luck and know that it is possible :)

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