Monday, May 17, 2010

X=Y: Family Equations

Saw this:

You are the trip I did not take;
You are the pearls I cannot buy;
You are my blue Italian lake;
You are my piece of foreign sky.
(“To My Child,” quoted in Charles L. Wallis, ed., The Treasure Chest [1965], 54)

Here: Lindsay & The Johnsons

and it got me thinking....
What were things we "gave up" in order to provide for our kids?what would be the "equivalent" if we didn't have our 3 kiddoes?

  • Trip to Hawaii, lifelong dream(why didn't I go before we had kids!)= Bella's braces
  • Working full-time, perhaps now at management level=2 incomes=bigger, blingier house= being a SAHM
  •  Summer trips somewhere exotic=staying close to home camping w/kids
  • Buying a brand new home w/all the bells and whistles=older home/neighborhood,staying where the kids are happiest
  • Romantic vacations w.hubs=renting movies
  • Dinners out at the latest hot spots=chicken and mac n cheese
You know, none of the "before" things make my heart pitter-patter anymore, but this does:

Make it a great day!!!


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