Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Facebook Bites

You know, I am really going to age myself here. Show you how unhip I really am. But I just gotta say it plain:  
I think Facebook stinks.

I know, everyone loves it, it connects you with family, friends. And that is true, I have connected with long-lost cousins by being able to see their pictures and stuff. But I am seeing lots of downside lately: facebook "fights" and slights, time wasted, envy, and just plain silliness.

Case in point: You post your opinion about something. Someone who never, ever comments on any of your adorable pictures, never visits your page and says "hi"..., makes a confrontational and snarky comment.  And you fight the urge to answer back with an even snarkier comment....  This leads you to think about how this person seems to have tons of time to make comments on many other FB pages and pictures, but never yours. Now you're annoyed...no, maybe you're even mad. Now you stop...you think.....this is ridiculous! If this happened verbally, on the phone or in person,  it would not have annoyed  me! What is it about FB? 
I tell you, Facebook has an evil side...it can bring out the dark side in you, if you let it.

No, I am not going to quit FB.  I will not be provoked. I WAS going to post a reply I will ignore it. It was silly, I guess I got what I deserved by putting my opinion out there to being with. Maybe FB is a perpetual High School clique, like minds commenting, "poking", commiserating, trading barbs, being, well, snarky, to those who don't "fit in"? I'm not sure. I want no part of that.I will play my scrabble and bejewled blitz (sometimes  always when I should be doing chores) and I will ooo and ahhh at photos of lovely family vacations and sweet children. I will resist the dark side!


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  2. This is EXACTLY why I never spend time on facebook. Plus, it's a weird way to keep in touch. It's all "LOOK AT ME" and no "how are you?"

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Yup... I'm real close to being done with it! Thanks for stopping by!


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