Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Living Room: an ongoing evolution

I've been going nuts on how to inject color into my living room, while still keeping it  neutral/relaxing. Also I needed to incorporate a new layout in a long, narrow room... one of the hardest room shapes to layout furniture.

Here's the progress

I like the green...what do you think?
Still to do:
Replace verticals with curtains and rattan blinds...
sew the pillow covers ON the pillows...haha, right now they are just folded on....
spray paint the coffee table pewtery-gold
get an nice rug? sisal?


  1. Ooh, I LOVE your table lamp! And LOVE the black and white pillows and throw -- your whole living room, actually! :) It looks like you've got a lovely little living room!

  2. Looks like it is coming along nicely! You have a great eye for combos of styles and colors. Love the graphic black and whites and dark woods with your white couch. Very inviting!

  3. Wow...did you do all of that in one day? It looks great! It's so much fun to move stuff around and get a new take on things. Don't do it near as much as I did years ago. What's next?

  4. Oh my, no not all in one day...just the third picture down to the end...haha!The first pics were when we moved in. I unpacked the final 2 boxes today (over 6 mos later--lazy me!)

  5. Thanks so much for linking up to my party last week, so sorry it's taken me this long to come back and check out your room!

    I love all of your ideas, what do you need us for?!? ;) I think every one of them is exactly what I would do with the space. I like the idea of the green, it gives a nice pop of color. If you're looking for clean, white, linen-y curtains, IKEA's lenda curtains are what I have and they were a STEAL at $15 for a pair.

    Thanks again for sharing and visiting us, have a great weekend!
    -Ann Marie


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