Monday, July 12, 2010

Look at my Garden Now!

Back in March, the garden was just starting out. We've had some successes and some failures..but that's the way it goes.

Success: Celebrity tomatoes...they are going crazy!

Sortof Failure: My swiss chard succumbed to a white film, I had to pull it out:( But we actually got a few meals out of it before it kicked the bucket.

Success: Yellow Pear tomatoes..we have enough for a tomato salad every other day.

Succcess: Basil and Mint: Basil for the tomato salad, mint for iced tea

Success: FIGS... I have a tree full of greenish-yellow giant soft honeyed figs in every stage of ripeness...this harvest looks like it will last a looong time. But really, how many can one person consume? No one else in my family likes them! Hmmm. maybe I can make fig jam..anyone out there have  a recipe?

Failure: And I can't believe this, because usually these guys take over the garden: squash! Could it be because I started them as seedlings? They grew to about 3 inches tall, then stopped there-- no growth at all. But not dead. Weird.

A recap.. Garden in March:

Garden in June:
Garden today
Make it a Great Day!~

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