Monday, July 19, 2010

This season of Design Star

 OK, is it just me, or are ALL of these people tremendously annoying? Even the HOSTS (and I usually love Vern!) are supremely irritating to me this time around!

Here's a snippet of Vern's synopsis of one of the men's "flower challenge" room design:

"Tom’s selected flower is the tulip and his complexly beautiful interpretation of the tulip and its timeless elegance is vocalized to perfection. He understands how to be inspired by something beyond its surface quality and creates a tailored and restrained elegance in the staging of his selected furniture and accessories in the exact same way a tulip is tailored and restrained."

Whaaaa??  I'm sorry but it sounds like arty-farty designer double-speak to me. It's a TULIP for cryin' out loud!! Vern, you're killin' me!

The challenges so far are lame...and the designer criticisms and praises make absolutely no sense to me at all. Be inspired by a flower, but NOT by it's color? A calla lily is translated into a huge geometric shelving unit. What the ??? I don't get it.

Now, on to the contestants. I thought Tera, one they booted off second, had promise, I really did. Then they booted off Dan, who was working his lil butt off for all the other slugs! Poor guy! Nina is talented but waaaaay too snotty and cocky--I can't imagine getting through an entire episode of just her with the snide remarks and forced smile. Plus I know from watching DS that she's mean,  I'll know who she really is if I watcher her show. Nope. She's just not very personable.  Oh my goodness, and Tom...soooo annoying! But I guess he's one of the more talented ones, but that buttoned-down Ralph Lauren Hamptons Socialite wannabe thang is gonna get old real quick.

I really can't imagine any of the remaining people having their own show. I just can't.

I think these kind of shows are jumping the shark, personally. I mean, how many American "Top Models" can there be? It completely makes the title of "Top" meaningless! Even Next Network Food Star, which is one of my fave shows, is beginning to lose its appeal. I mean, these guys who have shows on Food Network (Flay, Emeril, Racheal, Mario etc) earned their chops by being one of a kind originals over years and years of being pros, authors, and food celebrities, and there's no way in my mind these contestants can earn their due from a couple dozen "challenges" to have their own show. That being said, I think Guy Fieri is the the most entertaining thing to happen to food shows since the Galloping Gourmet.

Ah, well, just a rant. Of course, I'll probably keep watching because this show is still miles better than most of the garbage on TV.

What say you out there?

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  1. I too think Vern is very mean this year! Maybe his celebrity is getting to his head. I could not stand watching Nina for a whole 30 minute show. None of them really speak to me except the gray-haired architect.

  2. Oh how funny! Miss Mustard Seed did a post on this same exact subject, I think everyone watching are all thinking the same thing! I even went on to their Blog and read the comments from other viewers and the message was pretty much the same, they all hated the new format, the crappy so called designer contestants, and the hosts attitudes. I even left a comment and that is SO unlike me to ever do for a tv show blog. They are down to the final 4 now I think, so hopefully our agony will be over soon. What about David Brumfields new show? That I can't even watch since he went to Miami, over the top with color and rather tacky if you ask me. Take care.

  3. I don't watch much TV anymore, I blog surf for much more original ideas. This is about he only HGTV show I watch, is there anything else besides House Hunters and Designed to Sell? I missed last week, hope it was recorded. I find Genevieve to be the most annoying, some of her comments are.....? Doesn't she remember we all saw the crap she spewed forth on Trading Spaces? I voted for Alex to have the on line show.

  4. Agree with you, gals! I like HouseHunters too, especially at the very end they show the space after its been decorated. The thing is, you have to DVR these shows, there are so many commmercials, and after each one, they have to rehash the entire episode to that point! Its like torture watching it! Blogging is a waaay better way of getting ideas.....


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