Tuesday, March 22, 2011

House Hunters...is it just me?

courtesy of pietown.com

Like many, I enjoy watching House Hunters on HGTV. But sometimes it can be incredibly annoying.

Is it just me, but do some of those couples seem incredibly naive? Maybe the producers make them clueless on purpose?

For example, they walk in and the first thing they comment on is the light fixture. I mean, seriously, what house hunter is looking at the light fixture first? Another thing they love to say is: "Oh, I love/hate that paint color" Like the color on the walls is going to make or break the sale. Huh? If you don't already know that painting is going to be part of your future, please don't be looking to buy a house!!
House in who knows...
What the same budget buys in California

And, my favorite of all time: They are somewhere ( definitely NOT California ) with a budget of $240,000 and they find a 6 bedroom, 3 bath, with a pool, 4500 square foot house on an acre for $213,000 and start picking it apart. Seriously???? I'd be in heaven, people!
And don't get me started on the International version of the show!(That may be another post)

Just sayin'........................

And if you ARE one of those lucky ducks to have a huge house, yard, and pool under 300K, I'm soooo jealous, OK? People, you got it good! Enjoy!

Make it a Great Day!


  1. Ive heard that in some cases, they've actually already purchased the house they want and the other two are just "fluff" for the show. That made me very very sad :(

  2. Hmm... I wouldn't be surprised. "reality TV" is often nothing but reality from what I have heard.

  3. Haha Ann! Love this post :)
    We are lucky enough to live in an area of the country with very moderately-priced housing, but sometimes the EXCESS we see all around us can be a little sickening! Who really NEEDS a 6 bedroom 4500 sq ft house anyway?

    Regardless, I'm definitely grateful to be able to afford our 3 bed/ 2 bath. We hope to be here for a very long time. :)

  4. I hear ya Meredith! I am with you all the way...I have a hard time keeping up chores on a 2100 sf house...can't even imagine 3x that size-yikes!


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