Friday, March 4, 2011

One hour trip to Japan

Remember I posted about the Latin Grocery?(here)

Well, today daughter 2 and I traveled to Japan. 

We were looking for unusual Asian fruit (yeah I am weird that way) and just like the adventure of looking in foreign grocery stores and markets I guess. Went to one I'd been to before, sort of a pacific-Asian / Filipino place, with seafood, all sorts of strange frozen confections, including "Cheese" Ice Cream- think I'll pass on that one!

Lovely packaging for simple udon noodles
Here, we hit the mother lode. It's a Japanese grocery store called Marukai, and honestly, I could have happily stayed there all day roaming the are just some of the great finds we uncovered:
The pommelo, some noodles, and some greens.

A set of three for 1.59!

Mochi buns from Japan

The packaging is so pretty!

Beautiful Sake bottles

Baby Octopus

Heretofore mentioned Pizza Crackers
Giant Taro 2 lbs for a dollar!

If you are in SoCal, visit Marukai here
Make it a Great Day!


  1. That's so interesting seeing all those Japanese wares. It's alost like stepping into another wolrd, isn't it? It makes me think that all the food I think of as normal, probably looks completely strange to someone from another culture!


  2. Yeah, it was so much fun roaming those aisles.

  3. Oh, yes! We do shop at marukai :) I love those Sunflower crackers - my favorite!

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  4. What an adventure! You have inspired me to look for some local spots here in NoCo


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