Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quinceanera Girl

A typical Quince this isn't my girl

My daughter is half Italian (me) and half hispanic (Mexican/Salvadoran blended Hubs). This year, she tells me she wants a Quince (Keen-Say) for her 15th birthday.

A Quinceanera is like a sweet 16 but at 15. For hispanics, its a very big deal. Almost like a debutante coming-out party, a girl-to-woman ritual type affair with close ties to the church.

I have learned a lot. We went downtown L.A. to the garment district to find a traditional Quince dress, like a cross between a fairy princess dress and a ball gown. She chose a cherry-red tulle number with rhinestones and sequins. Yeah, she looks like a princess in it. And she is definitely NOT having a sweet-16 party next year, this is IT!

She has chosen 6 girls and boys to pair up and act as her "court". They will learn to waltz later this week so they can perform a dance for the guests. The party will be held at a local golf clubhouse room, and I am excitedly planing to go get flowers at the flowermart the day before.

It's  a big party, but I am proud of my girl and glad we can do this for her. Here she will be with all her friends and family, everyone who loves her, celebrating her growing up into a young woman.

Make it a Great Day!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! We were just in Pomona, next to this great Mexican bakery and saw several girls with their hair all done up for what I believed to be someone's Quinceanara. I feel a little jipped I never got one of these-me being half German/half Indian Midwester girl...but hey, you can't have it all, can you?!


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