Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kitchen ReDo 2nd Time Around

Well this new year, I have a (finally...love that word don't I?) my kitchen back. Last post, I told you about our slab leak, then the flooring had to be replaced, the cabinets/counters put back together. By Christmas it still was not complete because we sprung ANOTHER leak. Luckily, the plumbers were able to repair that one by going through an outside wall...

Well we are DONE and I am LOVING the new tile floor in the kitchen (previously I had dark-walnut wood -mimicking laminate.) Not practical for a messy family of 5, anyway-- one spill, and it could be damaged, and then to try and patch it later, as I found out, no luck. My particular floor had been discontinued and was impossible to locate. (I had about 20 sq ft in reserve, not enough for this repair.)

 I hmmmed and hawed because I did NOT want to replace the entire downstairs laminate floor. It was fine in the adjoining den, hall and powder room. In the end, I chose to put the tile JUST in the kitchen area. Just for kicks I had the guys turn the island 90 degrees...Wowzers I love it.

So much more space. Next up, have the handyman remove the popcorn ceilings in the den, strip the wood beams, and add over-head lighting. Maybe pendants over the island--not sure.

Let's take a stroll on how we got here, shall we?
Before-before(when we first moved in):
And After, the First time:

Again, Now:

Make it a Great Day!

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