Monday, October 19, 2009

Cote de Texas fave posts

Here are some links I hope will work to one of my fave blogs, Cote de Texas. If I had a house all to myself and mega-millions, her style is how I would decor it. Hubs is more modern-contemporary, so our style is less ornate than Cote's, which is fine, but her style makes my heart go aflutter, truly!

I lost the link to my ab fab post she did... it was about five houston area homes (I think homes that were for sale at the time....)and what she liked about the decor. It was great because some were halfway decorated, some all done up and the designs were in cred ible!!

I keep looking thru her blog trying to find that post!!!! (When I originally saved the link to it in my favorites I guess I didn't do it right:( )

This one is to photos of many of her works, just awesome. I love the bedroom she did in Aqua toile withe the Target bamboo shades!!!! 2die4!!!!

Hurray!!!! I think I found it!!!! The post is from June and titled: Stalking Houston Real Estate--Joni gives her reviews of the most amazing rooms in the most amazing homes I have ever seen. I love when she says the square footage of the ome is "only" 4000 sf.... ahhhh--I love Texas!!!!!

ummm.. that wasn't it...and I don't see anyway to contact her on her blog site...not that she'd be free enough to answer my plea: "Where's that post you did about...." darnot. I'll keep looking. Well I did find a GREAT post about curtains that I need to refer to when I use my tortoise shell blinds and drop-cloth drapes:

I really like one of the houses here, by Ginger Barber--living rm looks very similar in layout to my new LR:


  1. Aw, I love this!!!! you are too sweet. Here are three links - not sure which one is one you are talking about, but it's one of these.
    Thanks so much for such a nice post!!!!!

  2. O My Gosh I just now saw your reply-- thanks so much I am sure its one of these.....


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