Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Early last week, there was almost NO House Finally......

Last Monday we heard the appraisal came in-- at 20K LESS than our offer. This put us above the LTV (below? I don't know whatever way is the BAD way) and we almost backed out of the deal. Thanks to our wonderful realtor who went to bat for us and even kicked in a lower commission rate for us, we settled at paying just a little more in cash. Thank God we had the savings. Thank you to the seller who apparently thought twice about wanting more $$$ and decided it would be worth a little less profit to have a nice family live in her childhood home... thank you thank you thank you!

So it was an almost no-go, now its a go again. I am packing.

Oh, and the same day we got the bad news I received my chandelier from Overstock!

I was so sad!
But now its OK. We should be moving next month. I packed up half of my china cabinet yesterday...........
I heart Craigslist!!
Now I am looking on for a washer & dryer... to save money and because I love my old Kenmore W & D set which is now 13 years old. I can buy a 2 y.o. (some are even newer) GE or Kenmore W & D SET on Craigslist for 400-600 bucks. If I went to Lowe's and got the front loading tricked out ones with the pedastal, I'd be dropping at least $1900.00!! So, I will be able to refloor (I am looking at Sam's Club laminate in Walnut, 1.59 sg ft) my den and kitchen and powder room, AND have my W & D for about the same price I'd pay just for the W & D.... got it? Yep.

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