Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Heart Before & Afters!!!!

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before & after: a tale of 2 kitchens (and a bath)

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An AMAZING Makeover!!!!! I LOVE these wood countertops...... The mix of contemporary and cottage---oooooo!!!! swoon!

OK, now have you seen this?

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OMG!!!!--projects for the tons of scrapbook paper I buy and never use (I don't scrapbook...yet... I figure if the Good Lord lets me live till I am old and the kids are outta the house I will sit there and spend my days going through photos and scrapbooking them. By then it will be an ancient art!)

(play etheral music here.........)
Epiphany Moment-like right this second-I realize I love to read about ideas and DIY but I am TOO LAZY TO START!!!!! Isn't that crazy? I mean, I am completely immoble--- I have all the materials- the paint, the paper, the furniture...but I don't paint it? Will getting my house finally spark me to finally do these things? At least try? Am I afraid of failure...hmmm. I will have to explore that.....

Here's what I'd like to do with my chinacabinet:

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  1. I amposting a comment on my own blog... I mean can you do that? Well I am. Sick of all the zeros... and I know its because I don;t know how to blog...not because I am boring :)


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