Wednesday, October 14, 2009

House Hunting doesn't just Stop

Yep we are in our 2nd week of escrow-- loan is approved in Underwriting we are awaiting the appraisal result-- did it last Friday. Keeping out fingers and toes crossed. I can't tell you how many make-overs I envisioned in my head (and using HomeDesign on my computer no less) on all the houses we've seen and thought maybe we'd buy. Its heartbreaking really. But I feel different about this time so maybe its OK.... but I digress.....

I am still getting the auto-listings sent to me, and in our neck of the woods anyway, there is NOTHING.... I mean NOTHING i would even wanna see, much less buy. But I am sure when we are settled in my dream house will come on the market.

So now a bit of therapuetic justifying.............

( abit of lite jazz inserted here....playing softly...)

There are several things we said adios to that were on our "must have-wish list" when we offered on this current home:

1. pool. this one has no pool

2. big giant yard. this ones on a 7788 sq ft lot (actually decent for socal... i know you Texans will be agast at that!)

3.2400 sq ft or over. this one's clocking in at 2164 (but it does have a HUGE 3 car garage)

So why did we go for this house?
1. we realized the kids are more important and they wanted to stay here in charter oak schools-all their friends-and ours- are here. once you live here, you understand, its place where people come back after growing up here to raise their kids...( remember we left and came back? see under title of this blog)

2. we realized it would not be right to lie about where we live to go to the same school (yes lots of people do lie about addresses to get into these schools. i don't like to lie. I don't want my kids to think its OK to lie about anything)

3. its so darn CUUTE! Its the best layout we've seen... open and lots of windows. great living spaces.

4. its split level- bedrooms upstairs. we always had our mind on a sprawling california ranch, but I think i can get used to this. privacy, and ALL 4 bedrooms are upstairs. I like that. (yeah, ask me after I have to lug laundry up there a few times... but seriously I am thinking laundry chute's in my future... now must search google on a DIY chute project to add to my HUGE list)

5. it was clean clean clean... know those real estate listings that say "Mrs. Clean lives here"? I think she DID live here. I mean, its outdated but IMMACULATE. Even the baseboards and the tracks of the windows and sliders... even the closets are dust free. I mean its C.L.E.A.N. No matter how hard I clean my house is never that clean!

6. It feels "happy"... is that good fung schway? (sorry don't know how to spell- shame on me especially since I live in Southern California!!) A family lived here for years, saw all their kids grow, and it was time for mom to sell. I like that house-story. So much better than all the sad stories about people leaving their homes because of foreclosure.

7. The kids can walk to school.

8. It has a big lemon tree, and a fig tree.

9. The kitchen's U-shaped NOT galley!!!! ( I swear every hosue we saw was a galley kitchen and I don't like those...)

10. The price was FAIR. We did not feel ripped off in the least. Nor did we feel we ripped off the seller. It was FAIR and thats a miracle in the RE market nowadays.

OK. So thats IT!

tata for now!

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  1. I spelled "house" wrong on #9...and I am not going to correct it. :)


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