Monday, November 16, 2009

and the kitchen.............


  1. hey blogger! i just now got your comment on my blog that you posted a week ago. for some reason it went into spam! darn. i'll have to check that more often.

    hi! thanks for the comment! i am renovating my boyfriends kitchen w/ him. we looked at ikea cabients but we really don't want flush drawers. we want paneled drawers. check out

    anyways, all ikea has are flush drawers! which sucks b/c ive heard they are much cheaper than lowes/hd. have you already had everything priced?
    and the demo... well it was a mess! the walls were some sort of plaster board and not drywall so it was heavy heavy heavy and messy messy messy. bf did most of the work i must stay. i am going to post progress photos this week to show the kitchen in it's current state - just studs.

    i added you to my blog roll! glad you found me on yhl. we'll have to keep in touch! send me a message back either on my blog or via email at


  2. Thanks Micaela, good luck and keep me posted.. . I am knee deep in reno right now and its crazzzeeee!!!! What started out to be a simple update is now complete remodel. I would definitely check out carpenters/cabinet makers in your area- their quality will be much better than HD and the price is usually comparable if not better.


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