Thursday, November 19, 2009

PB style stools almost FREE!

I was bummin' on these green stools a
loooong time before I spotted

this pic in the PB catalog for "Napoleon" counter stools
at $209 EACH!!
Mine were identical...all I needed to do was gear up my trigger finger and start a-spraying... I had the paint, tape, and poly so this project rang in at: $0.00!!!

This is what I did:
1. Cleaned stools with Simple Green, wiped down and let dry...

2. Taped off the seat portion, which I wanted to remain the wood color...

3. Grabbed my "2X Faster" Rustoleum Semi-Glass spray paint in Black, along with the must-have accessory, the Trigger Sprayer attachment.....

4. Sprayed on 3-4 light coats, letting them dry about 2 hours between coats (this took a whole day)

5. Next day, I sanded the corners and "wear" areas lightly to expose the wood a bit for that lightly distressed look....

6. Wiped off dust w/tack cloth... (ok, ok it was a mate-less sock)

7. Used Wipe-on Poly.... this took forever.... it looks great but I had to use like 6 coats. (Next time I will use spray on sealer)

Viola! Here they are and I saved $418.00 plus tax & shipping!


  1. these look great!!! i almost fell out my chair to read $200 a pop for those chairs at PB. are they made of gold or what?

    good work :)

  2. I know, isn't that nuts! I mean, Overstock all the way baby if you gotta buy 'em!

  3. I love that you left the seats natural! It looks so good with the black! way to go!


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