Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paint It Black!

No colors anymore I want it painted black... Rolling Stones, circa 1972

I've been busy.

Painting lots of things black.

It started with the Napoleon Pottery Barn stool I saw, price was $209 or something like that, each!: (my orig post about these here)

It looked a lot like my Lowe's stool I bought 5 years ago for 60 bucks:

So I searched on all my fave blogs "paint furniture black" and came up with options: Spray paint, Low-Lustre Benjamin Moore, Black Suede Eggshell from Behr. Of course I decided on the easiest-sounding , umm I mean, most appropriate technique for my project: Spray Paint.

I went to Home Depot and saw the "one coat" Rustoleum in "satin" and thought: hmmm... I have a coat rack that may look good in that... I also had some Oil Rubbed Bronze for the hardware...

A little sanding to distress the edges, and I was in business...... again, BEFORE:

After..... (hard to get this whole stinkin thing in one pic...)
OK, OK, this is what it usually looks like. Very functional.

And these stools, too which I bought years ago from a model home outlet center... painted the legs black then recovered:

Ugh, the following pic looks like a "before"... but I swear they don't look this distressed in person... the camera either makes things look much better or much worse....

I'm not done. These victims are next:

Free dresser I picked up off the curb

I got 2 of these for 20 bucks offa Craiglist

My inspiration is Just a Girl's Black dresser redo... its devine!!"Ask and you receive"
about the fab black paint she sanding! and great results

Tiny red/gold lamp was 1.25(yes !!!) at Lowes (Christmas clearance I snagged 2 of them)

and finally, the bane of my china hutch. It pains me to call it that-guilt wells up because this once belonged to my fave aunt. But that was when it was in its glory-- now its dingy and dinged up and so outdated looking. See this is where the camera makes something look better than it really looks.... I actually discovered the home-decor bloggin world as a result of entering "paint china cabinet" in a desperate google search spurned on by this baby... I still haven't got the guts to begin it...soon, soon.....

I'll be baaack (in Black)!


  1. Phew! That is a lot of work, but I totally agree, when in doubt paint it black!

    Thanks for joining the party! Come back and show us you next victims!

  2. Can't wait to see how your next victims turn out! I have a chest that looks similar to the first dresser you show. I guess you got your money's worth out of that paint, though!

  3. Looking forward to your upcoming projects. I'm on my own as well, and you've settled for me - thank you very much - it shall be black!! :-)

  4. Those bar stools are so stunning in BLACK...I did some last year and love how they look in BLACK!!!! Hope you have a great weekend1


  5. I paint some black and some white. I love what paint can do - it is amazing huh?

  6. They look great! I love spray paint. I'm looking forward to seeing the two craigslist tables. I think I had that exact same bedroom set when I was a child!

    I'm hosting my very first linky party on Wednesday, I'd love it if you'd link this up!

  7. The black paint looks so crisp and really makes all of these items stand out!

  8. First of all, I want those nightstands! I have been looking for some and every one seems to be finding them, but me. One day...anyway, second, you cannot go wrong with black paint. I love how the bar stools turned out and the coat rack as well. The bit of wood peaking through the paint really makes it for me on that piece.


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