Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update on House.........

Ugh--- I just am very very tired of waiting. We were supposed to close this week, but thats not gonna happen. We are still awaiting "docs" and the bank assures me its all ok, but this is my 5th sleepless night thinking about all the things that can happen.

Now that I am picturing in my mind all the things I want to do in that house, I am itching to get started. But I am so afraid to buy anything , or set anything in stone, until I have THE KEY........... don wanna "jinx" it. We've been househunting sooo long, and fell for sooo many houses that didn't work out (I have a notebook full of plans for 4-5 homes we were hoping to get over the past 3-4 years), I am afraid to hope anymore. Sigh.

I called the floor guy yesterday, though. He is at the ready. I am leaning towards Sam's Club Laminate in Russet Oak... I will have to order that color online though and have it delivered via freight-which someone told me takes a longer time than they say.... there is also the Brazilian Cherry in stock AT the club. Depending on time constraints (ie. if we don't close soon)I will go for the Brazilian Cherry. I think either one will work.

This is the russet oak, above. I just love it.............................

Send good thoughts my way, pleeeeeaaase!

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