Monday, December 7, 2009

Gettin' My Christmas Craft On--finally!

Well I kept complaining I wasn't feelin' it... needed a little Christmas. Nothin like a Christmas craft to get me going...

So, I went where anyone would go for inspiration when their budget is blown(kitchen redo--all my $$$ is going there right now)-- Big Lots!!

There I found these great big block of chipboard letters in blacks, whites, and grays... for $1.50! Hey now!
Had some old frames... which I am thinking of spray-painting at some point.... I used one I had laying around. This is what I did:
1. Popped the "letter" part out of the chipboard and left a space there..(used for another craft)
2. Rescued some cute pics out of computer neverland by printing them out on plain paper...

3. Moved the letter spaces around on top of the pics until I got the look I wanted. There's not a lot of space, so an eye here, a smile there... whatever you need to see who it is there. I know my kids eyes..and love how different they are... so I focused on them. I also found a very small pic of my daughter that was included in her school pictures this year, and it worked out perfectly. I overlapped several pics in one letter... it looked OK...

4. Taped the pics in place behind the letters... then used double sided tape to tape the letters with their images behind them to the old frame's mat-- totally the wrong sizes, but its OK, cause its hidden.

5. 10-15 minutes later--here it is! I am gonna paint that frame black or silver... for now I LOVE it!


  1. This is a fabulous idea! I have several of these frames that could use a re-do....thanks for the inspiration :)


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