Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kitchen Progress

Kitchen ReModel-first 3 weeks....

Wow its been a crazy 3 weeks-- we started here(old, orange cabinets we thought we were painting white):

My Best Helper, demo-ing!

All that work for nuthin'...but keep scrolling to see what the payoff was

Then got here(local carpenter makes me an offer I can not refuse for all new all maple cabinets):

Beautiful laminate flooring in walnut..mmmmm....delicioso!

and here, after adding my countertops (beech butcherblock, Ikea, an easy DIY project):

Now here after doors, hardware, and adding about 10 coats of Ikea's behandla oil to the countertops...

Still To Do:

1. Take better pictures of kitchen

2. Complete the island with Granite top

3. Tile backsplash(still trying to decide on color/style)


  1. Tada! Yeah for you. You must be feeling anxious to finish. ~Kelly

  2. What a change! Isn't it fun to watch the transformation? The work can even be fun! Thank you for checking out my kitchen and for your sweet comment. Come back and see what is happening as time goes by. Hugs, Cindy S.


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