Friday, January 29, 2010

"Black" dressers DONE!

Well I finished painting the 2 little dressers. Two things: They are supposed to be black-black... that is why I struggled through Benjamin More Alklyd (Oil-based-yechh!!)Low-Lustre and 2 coats of gray primer, sanding, and the rest. I am sorry to report, that for me, this BM paint just didn't live up to the hype. But it is very lovely and smooth, as you can see, and maybe it will cure to a black-black.***(see Update, below) I have used Behr Black Suede (in Latex) with much better results. It just goes to show you, you must experiement and use what works for you... I am a big a fault. I spend lots of time gathering information from other blogs, DIY websites and the like. But really, all the research in the world can not replace good old fashioned trial and error. This was a huge learning process for me, very humbling. I learned not to be so quick to say: Shheeesh, that looks easy!

My 2nd trial was Modge-Podging the tops of the dressers. Again, I spent hours reading the tutorials from several sites. They were great, don't get me wrong, but I ran into big issues smoothing the wrinkles out of the paper. And this was very thick paper! I'll never get how people use wrapping paper!!! How on earth?!?? Anyway, I did the best I could but did not end up with smooth-as-glass tops. (maybe they are not supposed to be smooth?) In my struggles, I ripped the paper in several places! But I just layered on more and more Modge Podge (no way was I gonna start over). They dried nice. As you can see from the pics, the little darlings are so stinkin' cute! I love the purple handles. And my daughter loves them. I will reveal the whole room soon as I get all the details in.

A ReCap:

Here they are BEFORE:


The Process:

1.First I sanded, the primed with a gray primer

2. Sanded again, then 3 coats of BM paint... waiting 24 hrs between coats(torture)

3. Cut paper to shape of the tops...(used tracing paper as a pattern)

4. Modge Podged the tops, then carefully placed the paper down while cursing under my breath

4. Apply Modge to top of paper, again cursing as paper wrinkles and forms bubbles everywhere

5. Frantically try to smooth out the paper, first using old credit card, then my bare hands, again cursing like a sailor.

6. Acceptance and dry-time: they may not be perfection, but man, they are darntootin CUTE!!!A vast improvement, anyways...

arrrrgh! I am trying to get these pics side by said...but anyhow, a recap:

***UPDATE!!!! I was in my daughter's room tonight and guess what, they LOOK BLACK NOW! I swear, maybe they had to cure! And I stand corrected...the paint used was called Benjamin Moore IMPERVO ALKLYD BLACK LOW LUSTRE ENAMEL... ( I still think Satin Black spray paint by Rustoleum or Behr Black Suede woulda been easier with same results...but again, thats just my opinion)


  1. I've not seen any done in black in a long time, but these turned out gorgeous. I love the addition of the purple to them. I can't wait to see the end result.

  2. Thanks 4 the comment, Treasia... I really thought about painting these turquiose, but I am glad now I did them in black

  3. I love them in black. And I too found that the Rustolium black spray paint works the best for me. The top looks wonderful I could never get the outline so perfect. Good work.

  4. We had some growing up that looked just like these!! Too bad I don't have them anymore! ;) Very cute with the mod podge on top. I love them in black!

  5. I think every little girl who grew up when we did had this set! Good news is, if you like them, it seems they are for sale everywhere.

  6. i luv what you did with that piece.

  7. I really like the Mod Podged tops. I've been doing that with furniture pieces lately and really love the look. The black paint really updates them as well.

  8. Ok so I need those! I found ONE on the curb when we first moved into our house and I painted it back then to match our Pier 1 bed. I need another one...hint hint:) For some reason I cant seem to find another one around here. But guess what? My sister had the ENTIRE bedroom set as a kid!


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