Sunday, January 31, 2010

Help Needed with Kitchen Backsplash!

I know y'all are prob sick of my kitchen posts--- Its been my main focus since moving to my house finally so thats why I have so many kitchen posts. So, even if your seen my kitchen before, please don't click away yet, I need your help!

Here's the kitchen thus far: To see it Before, click here.

So, most of it is done, the cabinets, flooring, counters. I am now trying to decide on the backsplash. I bought this Walker Zanger tile at a local outlet for 2 bucks a tile. (My kids said it looks like waffles)People, this is retail 28.00 bucks EACH tile.

I also bought crackled 2 x 6" subway tiles in cream and taupe(the 2 colors in the "waffle) and was thinking of doing a pattern of them like so:

a row of subway tile, then the "waffles" row, then top it with subway tile to the top of the cabinet bottoms....

But, will it be too busy? Now I am thinkin I should use only subway tiles, and only ONE color (the lighter...) to make the granite on the island the main focus, you know? I am afraid all that pattern will be too busy...

So PLEASE let me know what you think:

1.Plain subway tile, one color throughout

2. WZ "waffle" tile in the pattern throughout

3. WZ "waffle tile" only around stove, all subway everywhere else.


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  1. Beautiful, I love the waffle tile! I think I would pair it with just one of the other colors, maybe run a line of the waffle tile in the center. But it's your kitchen!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the pink chandelier. Yes, I made the cord cover, too. I just sewed a simple tube from cotton broadcloth fabric and bunched it on!

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  2. Your kitchen is looking great! I personally love the waffle tiles, they will add a lot of tecture but I do agree that it could be a bit busy if you're not careful. If it was my kitchen I would use only the cream subway tile. It seems to pick up the color of the counters better. I think the taupe would fight with the counters. I will look forward to seeing the pattern you choose. Are you planning to take out the floresent lighting? We did and I love it. It really opens up the room. I will try to post a before and after tomorrow.

  3. I agree with the other ladies. I like the look of the taupe subway, one row bottom, waffle tile and then one row of the taupe on top. Whatever you decide to do I can't wait to see it completed.

  4. Your kitchen looks great. I vote for the subway tile all the way throughout. No matter what you choose, I'm sure it will look nice. I can't wait to see what you decide!

  5. I love subway tile, but the waffle tiles are pretty cool. Maybe you could just have those in the middle and the subways on top and bottom. But I'm really not one to talk, I don't even have a backsplash yet. LOL Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  6. I can not believe you found Walker Zanger tile for that price - lucky girl! I always love all of their beautiful tile.

    What about using the 'waffle' tile as your first / bottom row with the subways above? If you used a row of subway tile and then the waffles, you will have to make a lot of cuts in the waffles for electrical outlets - it would be a shame to have to cut into those beautiful tiles! If you use the waffles in the middle, you will be breaking up the band of them quite a bit with the electrical outlets. Just a thought!

    Thansk so much for stopping by my blog yesterday!


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