Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movies and Decor

Oscar week is here. Personally, the only Best Film nominee I have seen is Avatar, oh wait, and District 9. Both good, but not like the oldies..... I love the classic movies and love the chance to see all the classics on TV, as they are this week on TCM. Yes this has something to do with decorating....

Have you seen Amy Merrick's "Living In..." series yet? OMG you have to. Keep reading below I give the link.....

But I'm giving her a shout out to please consider doing "North by Northwest": Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint--Hitchcock, 1959. Hubs and I watched it on TCM...they are doing all oscar winners, so check it out...

The thing that got me with this movie is... the DECOR is TIMELESS!!! The rooms are so stylish, so "in" right now, or anytime. The mix of modern and traditional...the colors...oh my the hotel scenes! The LAMPS!! The house at the end! The clothes.You've just got to check it out.

Just look at Cary Grant--could you die? Can any modern male actor hold a candle to him? I say not.

This house was modeled after Falling Water, famous Frank Lloyd Wright house.
Apartment Therapy has a series on Oscar winning film decor.
 (I am linking in here an older post I started but never completed....)

The thing about The Godfather (all The Godfathers, mostly I and II for me) is, no matter how many times I see it (and it has to be hundreds by now) its exciting, mesmerizing, and I can't take my eyes off it. Whether its on regular TV with edits, cable without, or I see its on and missed the first part-- doesn't matter-- I'm watching it.

Maybe because I am American-Italian, I don't know.... but its so familiar, the darkened houses, foods, language, sounds, mood, the smell of sauce simmering on a wintry Sunday... I bet even if you aren't Italian you feel like you are, right? Like they're your memories too? Hmmm.... I wonder. But anyway... I digress....

I feel like somehwere down the road I'll do a post on "Movies I will watch everytime I see they are on TV no matter how often I've seen it before"


Now you want more Amy Merrick, don't you? Isn't she great? I told you....


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