Saturday, February 20, 2010

California Snow Day!

A few weeks ago I was complaining that I had a severe case of "Snow Envy". Well, hubs said: Lets go up to the Snow! 45 mins later, the kids were in Snow Playland! Here's our day in a Mosaic. Will be linking to Mosiac Monday---see you there!Mosaic Monday at the dear little red house...


  1. How fun is this!!! We have had our fill of snow in the Louisville area..but I am always game for sledding.

    Thank you for the sweet comments and popping into my little world. I love your little corner of blog land. Hope to see more of you!

    Oh...and I love the slipcovers both professional and yours. How about we trade a shade for a slipcover? :)


  2. Wow... now I have "Snow Envy" I doubt I will get hubby to take me to the snow since he leaves for Alaska in a week. Guess I will just have to enjoy yours and go make myself a snow cone. *grin*
    ~Really Rainey~

  3. Too funny -- snow envy! Loved this mosaic.

  4. after looking at the mosaic photos and since I belong in a world without snow... I think I now have 'snow envy' too=D
    thanks for dropping by my blog...hope you'll visit again and sure I'm gonna visit your blog more often!

    follow me: Living Creatively with Flory

  5. How nice!! You can go to the snow when you feel like playing in snow. :-) LOL! It fall on us whenever it feels like it. We don't get a choice.

  6. What a fun mosaic! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)


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