Sunday, February 7, 2010

No Snow, but Lemons!

This could have been titled "When life gives you lemons..." or "This Lemon-Made my Day"...

All this month we've been kind of bumming because we can't play in snow. There's Snowmeggedon back east, and tons of snow just north of here in our San Gabriel mountains. We can SEE snow from our house... its 80 degrees, picking citrus in sunshine--more on that below...and our view is of palm trees with a backdrop of white snow covered mountains. This is the insanity that is my beloved Southern California.

So close but so far....We were wildly unsuccessful in our effort to get to snow... We attempted to drive the 40 miles or so north to play in the snow after a historic snowfall 2 weeks ago, but in typical maddening L.A. SoCal fashion, about a billion other people had the same idea. So after 2 hours in ridiculous traffic, we drove our weary, carsick, boot-and-mitton-clad butts back home. I SOOOO have Snow-Envy, people.

So, I soothe myself with other pursuits...such as lemon-picking. I have ALWAYS dreamed of having a lemon tree. A producing lemon tree. (Remember that song " lemon-tree very-pretty and the lemons smell so sweet"? I remember humming that as a little girl and wishing I had a pretty lemon tree. What a crazy kid I was!) I did have a tree planted by hubs and my dad in our old house, but it produced like, 3 lemons a year. This house has a massive tree with tons of ripe fruit, plus flowers and green baby lemons promising a continuing harvest year-round. What a lucky girl I am!

Here's what we did today, February 7th, 2010:
Anyone out there have a good lemon meringue pie recipe? I'll be linkin' up to Mosaic Monday at the dear little red house...


  1. You are inded lucky! I'd love to have a lemon tree ..your lemons look so large and lucious

    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  2. That is awesome! Love the lemon tree.

  3. How cool. I love your lemon tree. I would be very happy to exchange our snow for your lemon tree. If only there was a way.

  4. Love the pics and thanks for visiting my blog!!!!
    Good luck with the pie search!

  5. My grandparents have a lemon tree and my aunt has a tangerine, so we've got two bases covered!

  6. Lovely Lemons! We are picking citrus here too (Arizona) but with NO views of snow on the mountains... and before I forget... that photo of the lone palm... and the mountains lightly dusted with snow is FABULOUS AND FRAMABLE! Walgreens is running a special this week on a 20"x30" poster size for $14.99! Just upload it to them and pick it up that afternoon! It really is one of those photos to be proud of!
    Anyway back to lemons... what are you making? Marmalade? Lemon Curd? Lemonade? Limonchello? (I have a recipe for that on my blog) What a great harvest!
    Take Care...

  7. What a lovely view you have!!! And you have a lemon tree!!...what a way to live.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  8. What a wonderful lemon tree!!! You are soooo lucky. I LOVE lemons... love anything that is lemon flavored. Love a big bowls of lemons sitting on my kitchen table. Lemon chicken, lemon poppyseed cake, lemonade... if it involves lemons, I love it!

  9. OH, I forgot to say that I have a recipe for lemon sauce (lemon curd) that can be used as lemon pie filling... on my blog.. l think it was back in NOv/Dec... in a post about gingerbread.

  10. Lucky girl - I would kill to have a lemon tree in my yard! And your photot mosaic is beautiful too!


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