Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day Trip SoCal

If you are blessed to live in SoCal, there are so many day trips/overnighters to check out. Once we make the effort to drive out of the traffic snarls, grafitti, and the plastic surgery refugees...well there's a whole world of beauty. It reminds me why I am living here in Cali.

One of our fave trips is the Santa Ynez Wine Country- technically 3 places just north of "El Lay"...Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria Valley, and Santa Ynez/Solvang area. (See my detailed post on that wine country here)

Val Day we lovebirds went up Santa Maria way and stayed at the charming Santa Maria Inn. Took a hike (well, took a drive then hiked a bit) into those dry-and scrubby-looking hillsides, and look what we found! Little effort=Big payoff. Because of all the rain we have had, there are streams, grottos, and waterfalls up there. The wildflowers are already in bloom! Who knew? Enjoy...

I'll be linking up to Mosaic Monday.

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