Friday, March 5, 2010


If you're anything like me, you love the idea of coupons but are just not good at it. I've tried it all: putting them in a mini folder in my car (I end up taking hubs car that day), a  "coupon-accordion-file":I end up misfiling and losing my patience rifling thru them at the market, attaching them to a calendar or dayplanner so I don't forget when it expires (I do anyway) or in my purse (jamming up my purse and getting crumpled and lost:of course I find it right after I've shopped at the store it was for). Recently I happily went to Panda Express, ordered my food, and proudly displayed my coupon to the cashier. Imagine my embarrassment when she sheepishly informed me the coupon wasn't theirs: it was from PickUpSTix*..... oy vay! Yet another coupon misfire for me.

It irks(actually makes me  jealous is the better description of my feeling) me when you read those newspaper articles about people saving like 200 bucks at the supermarket per visit, or going and using so many coupons that their visit is FREE. I just don't get how you could possibly accomplish that. I mean, I am in awe, but it annoys me too. I mean, the only coupons I see are "buy one get one free"(umm, you still have to buy one...) or 40 cents off a pack of hotdogs(but you have to buy 2) and aren't they generally processed/convenience foods that I do not use. Hold on....Hmm, I just went on YouTube and watched a news report on Jill Catlado, Coupon Queen- maybe I am wrong about my preconceptions to grocery coupons:

Here's the website Jill uses:
Here's a nice blogspot you can get updates on your RSS feeds: couponlingo

Actually, the ONLY coupons I have had success with lately are Michael's and JoAnn's... I normally save those and actually USE them when I go.

I was happy to find this blogspot called Printable Coupons. It lists all the major stores and their current and ongoing coupon promotions, an all you have to do is click and print.

Sometimes, you have to be careful, for example, Kohls. Now I LOVE me some Kohls, but it is soooo easy to blow the budget when you get that 30% scratch off in the mail. And why is it you only get the 30% off one right when you've decided once and for all NOT to go to Kohls again until you've paid off your Kohls charge balance in full? Hmmm....

If you are fans of the Entertainment books, they are now 50% off. So you have more than half the year left and you'll pay only about 10 bucks.. these are great moneysavers, even at full price. And there is a Ballard Designs coupon in there! Click here to see the deal!

*Did you know Lowe's accepts Home Depot coupons and vice-versa? Same with Michael's and Joann's... I just found that out! But Panda Express does not accept competitor's coupons, apparently..:(
I've also heard that BedBath& Beyond accepts expired coupons...

I am going to try and use the GroceryGame and see how it works for me. I will keep y'all posted. It will be my "Thrifty Experiment"!

Tell me some of your coupon experiences? Tips? Thoughts? Love to hear from you!
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  1. Jill's site is awesome. She tells you how to get all the good deals if you visit her site at

    Thanks for visiting my site. If you have any coupon questions, feel free to hit me up! I'm new but I think I'm doing pretty well :)

  2. I did the grocery game for about 6 months. Here's how I stayed organized. I bought baseball card holders that go in a 3 ring binder. Then I used 5 dividers: produce, freezer, bath and body, etc. And then in each of those, I'd alphabetize. It's a little time consuming, but when you need that particular coupon, BAM, it's there. I also clipped 4 newspapers every sunday, and only clipped what I'd use. It's been probably 3 years now since I stopped doing it and I am STILL using body wash that I bought when I was stockpiling. I would get the big bottles of it for probably a quarter? It was a lot of fun. One time I got money BACK which was awesome. The cashier was stumped. I stopped because I got back logged, but I have thought about starting up again. I highly recommend the grocery game. They give you the printout list and tell you what to buy when to buy it so as best to maximize your coupons. ;) No guesswork involved.



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