Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting a head-start on the Garden!

We are so excited starting our backyard veggie garden. We went to Armstrong Garden Center in Glendora to get inspired and inspired we were! We bought some tomatoes, seeds, compost and soil plus tomato cages and strawberries. We also bought this raised garden bed at Sam's Club, which was perfect! Like a little victory garden. As we dug, lots of earthworms in our native soil, and thats good. Means its nice and aerated and healthy.

So, we've got: Tomatoes (4 vareities), Rainbow Chard (yum--can't wait to saute our first batch), cukes, strawberries, basil, parsley, cilantro and a pepper. This will be a great start. We also found a lovely dwarf avocado (guess it won't grow taller than 5 ft) and put it in the front yard. It was only 19.99 at Sams!

I will also like to plant a chive garden in a pot on my kitchen windowsill.

If its nice weather in your zone, get cracking!

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