Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shout Out!! for Help

Just a few things buggin' me. Well, there's more than this, but these are the main ones! Please help me make these "Befores" my "Afters"

Living Room:
Here's where I started:

Here it is now:

What missing here? The chairs don't match. The sofa looks realllly bad in this photo- its just a slipcovered temporary fix, eventually I'd like to get a "real" sofa, but this one will do for now. But this side table... should I paint it? But what color?

The other chair in there is jet black....

Another view:

Fireplace:Also, I got this painting at TJmaxx for 14.99 I could NOT pass it up. At first I loved it, but now... I don't know. Is it the right size, shape?

You can see my inspiration board here. And THIS is the room I really love:

China Cabinet:
I WANT to display my wedding china and all these goodies, but when I do it it just looks, well, cluttered and frumpy. How on earth so you guys make it look so great?? Should I get rid of the stuff on top of it and put it inside?

Family Room Couch wall:
What should I put here??? Its so HUGE and WHITE!
(The TV unit is to the left, and a big window to the right with sliding doors)

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I am linkin to Just A Girls Fun Party! And Shabby Chic Cottage Transformation Thursday Spring Fling! and Fireflies&Jellybeans in a pathetic and shameless plea for free design help!

I don't think I can stand to wait, but I also plan on putting this post up for Amanda's Serenity Now April 21st Decorator Dilemma Party!!


  1. Hmm, I'm not a decorator, but for the china cabinet, I would tackle it this way: search through lots of pictures of the ones you like, save them to a file on your computer and then go back and look at them and see what they have in common. What is it about those photos that you like? Do you like things symmetrical, or mixed up (right now it looks fairly symmetrical)? Do you like all one colour, or lots of variety? Do your favourites have wallpaper/scrapbook paper/paint behind the shelves for interest? Count all the pieces on display and then make a game of taking half of the number of items out. See if that works. Do the favourite photos of china cabinets have stacks of similar pieces, your wedding bowls for example, instead of place settings? As for the top, I've read that uneven numbers work better. Instead of spreading 4 things across the top, try and uneven number, group some things etc. Have fun working with it and I hope you find what you are looking for. I know that at my house, arrangements are never finished. I'm always struggling and moving things around. Sometimes just moving stuff makes it look fresher. Good luck.

  2. Ooh, I love her suggestions above me. Remember how I said I have a problem with symmetry? I'm usually an addict and I want things perfectly mirrored, but I think the reason I like what I've got going now is that I completely changed it up. I agree, take it all out and try to take out some of the items. Try to group things together for a different feel. I also took out all of my glasses and liked that much better. It helped to make it flow better, imo. Also, I noticed that you've got some stuff behind the window dividers. (does that make sense?) I think it looks a lot more neat and put together if you vignette items in the individual windows, so you're not seeing like half a bowl on the bottom. I do think you should take the items off the top too. Use your cake stand and the other glass container to display some items somewhere else in your house. It's better than only using them for a cake once every few months. ;) I think you've got a lot of great stuff to work with, so with a little wiggle work, this hutch can be amazing! I can't wait to see what you come up with. :) And thanks for stopping by!


  3. I am not a decorator but I think some color on the walls would help too... the painting is the wrong size for the fireplace... so maybe it could work some where else. I am sorry I am not much help! I hope you get some good advice! : )

  4. The first thing that strikes me is that your furniture arrangement feels unbalanced. I would move the sofa so that it's directly across from and facing the fireplace, and then place a chair on either side, with the chairs facing each other. That would add more visual balance to the seating area.

    The room also really needs color. Even if you put a neutral color on the wall, that's fine. But anything other than white.

    On the china cabinet, I would definitely take the items off of the top. If you want to display more of your plates, consider hanging them on the wall! You can do an arrangement around the china cabinet, or you can use them to do a huge feature arrangement on the large blank wall. Do a Google image search for "KWID plate wall" for inspiration...or just check my blog tomorrow. (I'll be posting a Virtual Room (re)Design that includes that wall.)

    The main thing is that your room needs more. Just more...more furniture, more color, more accessories, more accent furniture. It looks like a huge room, so you need to fill her up! (But in an orderly way, of course.) :)

  5. Ah Just what I needed girls! Thank you!@! I DO need color, I am just afraid, and Yes the room is huge, long than wider... If you are reading this and want to add, please do, the more the merrier.

  6. Hey Ann, Thanks for your patience! I finally took a stab at some of your design dilemmas! Here's the link:


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