Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thrifty Thriftin' Finds!

Went thriftin and my challenge was: Blow no more than 20.00. I went to Goodwill, the local Swapmeet (my kids call it: The Swamee)and my local antique mall. I had not been thriftin' or antiquing for a looooong time. I was living vicariously through all my fave bloggers thriftin adventures!

I really was looking for vintage soda crates, been loving those lately... but here's what I found:
The brown glass bottle is embossed: The J.R. Watkins Co. I got it for 5.00.
The strainer-thingy (too cute, huh?) was 2.00 at "The Swamee".
The two wooden "In-Boxes" were 2.50 for BOTH!
The silver-plated tray (says "Reed&Barton" on bottom) was 3.00 at GW.

and this cute lil' cigar box for 2.50... I liked the shape, but even better....
This was inside the lid--how cute is that?

Here's that cute lil silver candy-dish all purtied up:

What do you think? The bottle was procured at an antique mall space where everything was 50% off. She also had some huge apothocary-type jars with original paper labels (I think-- they looked old but in perfect condition) for 20.00 each.. they were 40.00 with 50% off. I am contemplating buying one.. is that too much? I am envisioning it with my hard soaps in it, in the guest bathroom.....

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  1. I really like your cigar box! I'm going to be debuting a bargain party within the next two weeks and I'd love to have you join me when you do!

  2. Really cute stuff, you did great! Check out The Graphics Fairy, she has tons of neat old labels you can print for free. I bet you could whip up a "vintage" bottle for next to nothing that way.

  3. Great finds! That strainer thing used to have a wire stand and wood tool- I have one that i used to use to make apple sauce with- it was Work but made great applesauce!

  4. Great finds! Love the in-boxes. Home Goods {if you have by you} has great prices on apothecary jars ~ usually under $20.00. You could print off a vintage looking label from The Graphics Fairy blog and do your won. Sometimes my Goodwill even has apothecary jars and that would be even less expensive.

  5. Really great finds! Hard to believe that old bottles go for that much! But, with paper labels probably worth every penny.
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