Thursday, March 18, 2010

ButcherBlock Counters: Update 4 months in...

I thought I would do an update post about my Ikea butcher block countertops in my kitchen. You know, people are sometimes freaked out about wood countertops. Even we were a bit hesitant, I guess. Were they going to hold up? What about how sloppy kitchen counters get, grease, coffee, water, spills, hot steam from dishwasher, etc. Did we choose the right conditioner for them? (we chose Ikea's Behandla, a food-safe tung oil treatment) Should we have polyurethaned them instead? Or "Waterlox", another touted product?

I am thrilled to report we LOVE LOVE LOVE out countertops. Coffee drops left all day? One wipe with a sponge, gone. Water around the sink? No stains whatsoever. Dishwasher problem w/ warping (as one well-meaning person told me: those counters will be warped in 3 months, guarenteed) Uh, no warping. We did have a mishap with a heavy pan (ummm, hubs....maybe we shouldn't be using heavy cast iron camping skillets in our brand-new kitchen!) and it left a small dent. Not noticeable and actually kinda cute...adds to the character. If it were a stone or tile counter that chipped I'd be crying....

They have mellowed to a beautiful golden tone. They have a sheen to them. They feel like smoothest silky smooth.... they add that warmth the kitchen really needed I think. It feels so organic and alive, yet modern.

We plan on reapplying the Behandla oil as manufacturer suggests, twice a year. It was easy... just wipe on with a cloth, let it sink in for 10 mins or so, wipe off excess. We did this about 7-10 times over a period of 3-4 days, until no more would sink in. It totally waterproofs and stainblocks the wood. It adds a honed sheen. I love my countertops.

So, if you are considering wood, give it a serious look. The price can not be beat. Our counters cost a total of 504.00 for 2 nine-foot long counters, a 36inch counter and one 6 foot desk. We added granite to the island only using a remnant and that 7x4 foot piece cost us the same as all the wood counters! So worth it , though, for 1000.00 we got all that footage covered and it looks so great and is so functional.

Here are some great inspiration , the first picture:thats NOT MY kitchen, I wish, No, really I LOVE my kitchen, mine is the last pic...
above photo from HGTV

Above photo from Addicted2 Decorating's post- click here to go there- she's got much mo' betta pics than I do of GORGEOUS wood countertops.

We are now (finally!!!) finishing up the backsplash and I will reveal that soon. We chose subway tile with a nice crackly finsh in 2 soft beigey tones. I love how it looks so far.

THIS is mine:

See ya soon!


  1. Loved seeing your countertops, and hearing about your experience! Just thought I'd chime in here, too.

    I've had Ikea butcherblock countertops for several months now. I actually stained mine and sealed them with Waterlox. They....are....GORGEOUS, and I absolutely love them. Butcherblock has quickly become my favorite countertop material. (Personally, I'm sick to death of granite. When EVERYONE has something, it's no longer special.)

    Anyway, I think most people would be amazed if they could see how I treat my countertops. I'm still in the process of remodeling, and I don't baby my countertops in the least. And yet, they hold up beautifully. It just makes me laugh when people go on and on about how butcherblock countertops need to be treated gingerly. What? People put wood floors throughout their house, walk on them, scoot furniture across them, etc., and never give it a second thought.

    I tried to find pics of my kitchen so your readers could see what they look like stained. I can't find pics of the side with the longer countertop, but here's the side with the shorter pieces.

  2. Thanks Kristi! Your blog is terrific and your kitchen is a must-see!

  3. Love that kitchen (even with the in progress back splash) and this post really makes me wish we would have thought about butcher block when we were discussing options. They are gorgeous!

  4. You left a comment on my blog a while back about the counters...I apparently have a bunch of comments I didn't realize were there lol. yeeesh. Anyway, they look lovely! I'm glad you're happy with them. You're kitchen looks fantastic!

  5. We just got our Oak Numerar ctops from IKEA and have oiled them with behandla (IKEA product) twice. I am already in love with them and very impressed with the quality for the price we got them for!!!


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