Friday, April 30, 2010

Salvation Army Frugal Finds!

OK, now I am hooked to my local Salvation Army. Two weeks ago we got a NordicTrac elliptical machine for $70.00, and it works great. We were about to buy new, but luckily, I was too cheap and was hesitating. Those dern things are pricey new!

So, today I went and got this cool wine-rack, its handmade of galvanized metal and wood... very shabby industrial chic, yes? I am thinking of staining the wood darker. price? $3.50

then got this cool stretch glass bowl. Not too valuable (the website I consulted said its only work 18.99!!) but no matter, I like it. It was less that $ 2.00 with the 25% discount!

then this adorable sewing great with spring-tension leafs on the side...I plan on refinishing this baby and really using it as a sewing table. 10 bucks.

and this two-tiered one.. these seem to be everywhere lately. I am planning to use this next to my computer for the printer and the seems perfect for that application, right? with the tiers? This one was marked $14.50 but it got slashed 50% because it was there more than a month...

well, thats it for now...

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  1. stopping by from handbags and pigtails you got good things too!

  2. Hello:) Its nice to know we got partnered up for the swap. And I cant believe this sewing table you found. Why? I just found a very similar typewriter table last week and blogged about it. I cant believe how identical they look. Your blog looks great just from the little bit Ive seen thus far. Cant wait to find out more:)

  3. Yikes!! I REMEMBER that post but I couldn't remember where I saw it! That's why when I saw this table, I was like: Yay!!! I liked it in your post too..what are you gonna do to it? I am thinking of painting the legs and just refinishing the wood top.

  4. Great finds - Love the wine rack. The sewing table is very cool! Would love to have you stop by The Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for these pieces! What a great shopping day!


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