Saturday, May 1, 2010

UGLY furniture on Craigslist

I saw this post from the Nester....

and This from Rooms to Inspire...

and was inspired by a blogger out there who finds great CL items in your town and posts them... dern it I forgot where I saw her(if you know what I am talking about please tell me!!)

So, I am looking for a matching set of chairs for my LR and thought I'd give my CL another try. Mind you, L.A. area is just HUGE...there's like 40 different "sections" of L.A.... so you'd think I'd find one pair of good  chairs to makeover?To be fair, I did find these: on CL for 20 bucks, and even tho I'd have rather spent 3 bucks, it was an ok price, for L.A. anyway....

Here's what turned up this morning while I was scrolling thru, you tell me are these not the FUGLIEST pieces of furniture, like, ever? I mean, is there ANYTHING to be done with these? And most of them were in the $100-$200.00 range!!

I wouldn't have taken this off the curb! Crikey..lookit the ARMS on this thing...
Maybe reupholster it in green fabric with a frayed denim skirt and call it "The Incredible Hulkess"?

And this lovely.....from a bygone era, yesteryear, the bad ole' days....

How on earth could you reupholster all those tucks? and its sooo loooowwwwww to the ground.... Cue up: "Low-Riii-Da...rides a little lower...dat dat da da da dat da..." I think they want 200 bucks for the pair...better hurry!

Oh, Lordy, look at this gem:

 I don't know about you, but I can smell cat pee from just lookin' at the picture!! UGH!!!! And its HUGE! You'd need a moving van to tote it away. They wanted a lot of moola for this monster, I missing something? Is it a rare antique from 1994?


Oh, and this.... at this point in a couch's life, shouldn't you be calling the curbside trash pick-up? I mean, c'mon... and they want A HUNDY for it!! Right, $100.00!!!!
Disgusting, isn't it?

Oh, and my favorite... I know, I know, they are not that bad....but I am sooo over the fake-craftsman-Stickley thing..and whats with the light wood? Isn't "real" Stickley in darker oak? and a recliner? Did they even invent a recliner in 1909? These are everywhere lately and people seem to think they are worth a lotta money....

What on earth could you do with these to make 'em work?
I mean, could you reupholster these in one of those William Morris fabrics, maybe if you had a craftsman cottage? I guess soo....umm, I'm saying, no.

So sorry if you own any of these chairs' lookalikes. Hey, send my some beauts from your local CL and we'll have a laugh or two!!

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  1. Wow my daughter could do gymnastics off of those arm chair the first pic!

  2. ann,
    the last pic "could" be the best choice of them all to re-invent or re-purpose. i'd paint the wood on those babies and reupholster in some funky bright print fabric...kinda beachy & adirondack. maybe red on the wood and fabric to match. as for the others, i'd run from them screaming! haha
    judi ;)

  3. Oh my...I'm laughing so much I have tears in my eyes. Absolutely hilarious.

    Okay, but in all honesty, I wouldn't pay actual MONEY for the first one, but I'd take it if someone were giving it away free. The great thing about knowing how to reupholter furniture is that you can make modifications to the frame also. Those massive wings could be easily cut down to normal size arms. BUT...I would never pay money for a chair that needed that much word. It would indeed have to be free.

    And I'm such a sucker for diamond tufting that I actually like the second chair. I would probably upholster the seat without tufts, but leave the ones in the back. Paint the frame in white lacquer or a fun color, find a modern print fabric, and it could be transformed. Again, I wouldn't pay over $15 for that chair, though.

    Oh...isn't Craigslist fun?! I just crack up at how delusional people are, trying to sell their crap for hundreds of

  4. LOL! I loved your low rider comment and you're so right! This stuff is junk. So sorry your Craigslist sucks, but thanks for sharing a good laugh.

  5. Actually, I just recently saw someone here in blogland makeover a chair that was really really similar to #2 and it turned out AMAZING! The other pieces I wouldnt bat an eyelash at but I think one like 2 could have some potential.:)
    Good laughs,

  6. Fun post - had me laughing. I especially loved the hulk comment.


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