Monday, May 24, 2010

2 lampshade make-overs

I have been wanting to try a lampshade re-do but was too chicken. Well, this weekend, I tackled 2. Mixed results...the results are Okkkaaayyy.... Take a peek and then I'll tell you what I did wrong.

Here we have (the AFTER is on the Left)
A green shade that I re-did in burlap with brown trim....

Then, these 2 beauties, which I bought at Lowe's Christmas clearance for...are you ready?... .75 cents a piece. I just spray-painted the base(heirloom white), then re-covered the shade with a Tommy-Bahama remnant I've been saving for forever, but it was too long and skinny to do anything with--till now!

The good news is, it was easy-peasey, and had I thought it out a little better- it would have been a cinch..learn from my mistakes....

First off, I used quilting trim for the burlap shade--which really was too flimsy, and instead of just hot-gluing it double-folded on, I used the top seam and sandwiched the frame..this makes it look uneven and kinda crappy from the top. Also, I stretched the fabric too tight towards the end--because I was running out..and didn't think to just add a seam and add more! So, its a little misshapen on one side. But I can face that towards the wall, it still looks good, I think:
I have 3 more of these green shades, so the next one should be much better.

This guy turned out real cute, except that the bottom trim ( a last minute addition) seems way too long. maybe I'll give it a haircut! In retrospect, I should have just left it off, because it looked just fine plain. Oh well. Less is more is a lesson I seem to have to keep learning over and over.

I pieced together a long stip with glue to make the trim on the side seams.

All in all, I'd say: give it a whirl! Its a no-sew, all glue-gun project that is very rewarding!

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