Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunshine Awards!

Thank you to Michelle of House Changers for my Sunshine Award!!

If you have not already, go and see absolute MAGIC at her blog--- the before and afters are a-maze-ing!

These are my Sunshine Awards!

ReStyled Home
Linda has so many tips and ideas you can roll thru her blog all day. One of the first blogs I discovered, she got me hooked! Her kitchen ideas and pictures alone are pure joy.

OK, OK, Michelle gave me a Sunshine award, but I have to go right back at her  because her ideas are out of the box, ambitious, and, well, you gotta go check it out. She is blogging about totally rehabbing houses, so if you are hesitating about painting your kitchen (I am right now) because you are lazy too busy, see what she's done in the last week and see you don't have it so hard!

Anything Pretty
Jenny's house is amazing and her posts are so much fun. I love her kitchen..that's how I found her... our kitchens look kind of similar with the dark cabinets. Her makeovers are fantastic.

Cote de Texas
Joni's blog allows you to enter the world of high style and check out the most gorgeous houses around, especially will make you wish you are a Texan, I swear. She's always got amazing designers on hand to lend advice and swoon-worthy tours. She herself is an interior designer extraordinaire, so check it out.

Clover Lane
Design Inspiration? Check. Do It Yourself projects? Check. Incredibly inspiring reads on life, family, and making a happy home? Check. I love her blog and you will too.

Centsational Girl
Kate's house is crazy-gorgeous and her kitchen is a dream --you gotta go check it out. She has great projects and a tremendous sense of style--all done by herself and on a budget.

Its Always Something Around Here
The name alone makes you wanna go check it out, right? Go. She's great.

Nesting Place
She is so funny I laugh out loud at many of her posts. And her tutorials are the best! Her window "mistreatments" alone are worth the hours you will spend browsing through all her amazing makeovers.

The Byrd's Nest
This is the sweetest blog that will tug at your heart while you browse the many creative projects she  has tackled.

Arren is amazing and I love all his ideas and designs, he will even help you if you ask! I have gotten some great design advice from him. Check out the reno he is doing in a clean, mid-century vibe which I love.

See how Kristi is decorating her place on a budget... her kitchen is to die for and she did it all herself! Unbelievable you gotta check it out!

The Stories of A to Z
I love this blog for many of them is, Beth doesn't have a 6,000 sf home on 20 acres of pristine pasture.. No, she lives in the city in a lovely historic home and has a sweet little backyard and terraces. What she has done in her spaces is just delightful. Her sense of style has a city-vibe that I really dig, but she has integrated that into a warm, homey style that suits her adorable family.

His House; Her Help Great chronicle of a house being redone, reborn, plus great design inspiration.


. If you'd like to play along, here are the rules for the Sunshine Award!
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  1. Peeps, If you are a SUNSHINE AWARD recipient and did not know it, its because I COULD NOT FIND YOUR EMAIL addy on your blog. But that's OK, because, like, 6 people read my blog regularly, so no worries! haha!

  2. You are too kind, thanks so much ! I am honored to be in such amazing company!

    Feeling sunshiny today!

  3. You are so sweet to give this to me! Thank you so much for your kind words. You made my day! :)



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