Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Stuff Links

I love sharing, don't you? And I love when YOU share. How else would I have find this incredible, delightful world of blogging?

Thought I'd try something new. I love reading blogs almost more than writing my blog, so here's some cool posts I came across this week.

Whatever: She had me at "cheesecake"...but the whole blog is delish!

My Sweet Savannah: She's so cute, and I get lots of good links off her blog!

The Art of Doing Stuff I just got turned on to this blog by DesignSponge(another fave, its on my BlogRoll) and just check out what this girl does herself. Awe-inspiring.


  1. Hi Ann, Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I enjoy reading different blogs too. I always get some good ideas or tips from other bloggers. xx Anita

  2. 您的部落格文章真棒!!有空我一定會常來逛!!.........................


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