Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cheating on Joe.......

Yes, I confess. Joe, I am cheating. I'm sorry! It was irresistible: the ease, the incognito aspect, the gourmet touch, ahhh the freshness.....the variety. And, yes, the wine. Blame it on the wine!

I am cheating on Trader Joe with Fresh and Easy.

There, I said it. Shocking. I never, ever thought I'd do it. Trader Joe still will be place I go, but Fresh and Easy, is well, so Fresh...and sooo Easy.

Those of you outside SoCal probably have no idea what I am talking about. No matter.
F&E came on the scene about a year ago. An import, I believe, from Great Britain.
At first, its very industrial-looking...very no frills!

But as I got to know it, I grew to love it. No, lines, hardly ever. Lots of variety I find all my favorite imported cheeses there, get this, even found fresh quince paste (membrillo) last November.They have fresh produce, flowers, very yummy...their kalamata olives are great. Wholesome prepared foods ..the Mac and Cheese is great --

They have great (and cheap) wines from Chile, Australia and Argentina as well as Cali and Washington State. My recent favorite costs $3.99 a bottle. There's a Chardonnay and a Malbec..the name is "Ambas"...its awesome! AND they mail you coupons for 5.00and 10.00 off all the time. I'm telling's just too good.

Fresh and do I love thee?
1. NO lines, ever.
2.EASY self-service checkouts (I can NEVER get the Ralphs one to work for me...whats wrong w/me?)
3. Friendly...sooo friendly! and a great "sample bar" too.
4.VERY fresh, mostly local, bagged produce. Much of it washed already for you. I LOVE their cilantro--it's all neat and cleaned in a nice stay-fresh package.
5.Their 98 cents produce...onions are a great deal ( I hate buying those bazillion-pound bags of onions..they alsway go bad before I can use them all!)
6. The prepared pizza dough is fantastic!
7. Their brand of yogurt, greek yogurt, and other dairy products is great. Butter is only 2.29!
8.Their brand of ice cream and gelato is absolutely the best I've ever had. Roasted banana...ahhhh!!!
9. Their eggs are fresh, local and good.
10.The CLEARANCE shelf is great. I can buy bagettes for 98 cents each, and freeze them. Also cookies (see pic) are such a good deal for less than 2 bucks.

Here's my recipe, all ingredients from, yup, Fresh and Easy!

Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

8 large size Peanut Butter cookies
4 scoops vanilla-bean ice cream

Lay out yer cookies and put a nice scoop of softened but not mushy ice cream on 4 of them. Top 'em with the second cookie. Press gently. Wrap individually in wax paper and freeze till firm (about 1 hour or so) Serve and sigh......

above photo courtesy of bettycrocker, because my photo stunk. I need a new camera!

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