Monday, June 14, 2010

Grilled Pizzas

Its summertime. My goal is : No hot oven.....minimal cooking...make the most of summer's bounty
One recipe that fit the bill is a grilled pizza. Sounds nuts. Hubs has wanted to do this forever, so when he got his Daddy's Day gift early ( a new tricked out Weber grill) it was time to try it.

We have a big Weber with a thermometer. Hubs lights the coals, puts my Pampered Chef baking stone on the grill (I do not recommend ANY OTHER baking stone brand. We tried this once with another brand and it cracked) Let the grill heat up to at least350 degrees with the lid closed (of course)

Get a pre-made dough, or make your own. Trader Joe's, Fresh and Easy and many markets have them, bagged and refrigerated, ready to go. Please don't use Chef Boy R Dee mix or Pillsbury.

Roll it out thinly. Throw it on the heated stone on the grill. Cover and cook 2-3 mins, then flip and cook again. Now take it off the grill, brush with olive oil,  and top w/ your fave toppings. (Its a good idea to do all the crusts ahead of time, then you can just go one after another with the pizzas..they will go fast!)Put it back on the grill, lid closed, and cook till cheese is bubbly, about 5-8 mins. This would be fun for a party!

Some we made:

Goat cheese, Olive oil, Garlic, and kalamata olives

Sundried tomato, mushroom and Gouda

Tomato sauce and mozzerella with fresh basil

Fresh tomato (from our garden!!) olive oil, and garlic with mozzerella

They were really, really good!They had the taste of a wood-fired oven pizza. Very crispy, yet tender and chewy crust. Really yummy!

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  1. We do grilled pizza quite often in the summer. I cook mine directly on the grill though....never tried the pizza stone.

    Yours look great!

  2. Those do look yummy! I'm going to put this on my summer to do list. Perhaps we can do this for Little Man's birthday party ... then again I'm not sure I will have my Super Mom Cape ready for 14 eight year olds making pizza near a grill. Eeeks.

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