Monday, August 2, 2010

Beach Glass

We are crazy 'bout searching for beach glass in this house. Usually, its shoved in pockets, forgotten in the rush home form the beach, and I'll find it when I do laundry, along with miscellaneous shells, rocks, and other treasures form the shore.

This week I wne through my "laundry jar" where all the items left in pockets end up. I seprated all the beach glass and placed it in my Goodwill-find stretch glass bowl. I really like how the bowl and the glass relate to one another.

We made macrame driftwood-shell-and-beach glass thingys when we camped at the beach in JUne. These were a fun craft for the kids to work on using mementos form the vacation. (Mainly I did them, though...the kids were too busy riding bikes and making smores!)

My tips for finding great glass on the beach are:

A rocky beach is best
Low tide is the time
Check the shoreline just where the wave washed up, among the rocks
Take off your sunglasses...look for a glint in the sun
Green glass is the easiest to spot

Have fun!

Make it a Great Day!

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