Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Dance! Found my long-lost fabric!

 I have been searching high and low for this fabric -- a curtain panel I bought about 2 yrs ago at Tuesday Morning. I LOVE LOVE LOVE modern florals, and the colors of this one is my absolute favorite. Love the taupe, the hint of red, the white, the ebony. LOVE. Its a Better Homes & Gardens (probably from Walmart originally?) the pattern is called Natchez in Sepia. I know all this because I was looking everywhere for this pattern, found out it is a discontinued fabirc at Joann's as well, and was even used in an episode of HGTV Designed to Sell... (Thanks, Google, like I really needed to know that!) Couldn't find it on Ebay or anything.

I only had 2 panels and I have been using them as a shower curtain, and I LIKE it there to cover up my gosh-awful looking shower in the master bath. I wanted to somehow tie in the bedding with the master bath...so now I found this ONE extra panel, its very large (like 56 x 96) so I can make 2 shams, and a smaller bolster, or 2 smaller pillows.
 (Geeez, I need to paint my cabinets already!)

So today I went into another Tuesday Morn, and there it was, ON THE FLOOR, reduced to $6.99. Woohoo! Score!

I also bought these valances, but it looks as though I need to adjust the tab length. I like them better than the basketweave pattern I got last week, do you?
 (Gawd, I HAVE to replace that flourescent light !!!)
I'm a linen-nut as you can see.... can't get enough.
My house is very neutral right now, so switching out the curtains, pillows and such gives me a whole new look. Like that.

Make it a Great Day!

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