Friday, August 27, 2010

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

I've been thinking about colors for my exterior. I really want something modern but not cold. And it has to match our tannish-brown (yuck! why couldn't it be gray or black?) asphalt-shingle roof.

Right now the house is white and FOREST GREEN. can you say:.... tacky? And the door is stained medium toned ornagey color wood. And not good condition-- it really needs a richer color--but what?? The hardware is ugly brass...not aged or bronze.

Of course, must stay within a budget: ie Cheap. The stone fronts gotta stay, as does roof.

So, this is my plan:

  • Paint all the hardware: House numbers, outdoor lantern, mailbox, threshold and metal trim on door with Oil Rubbed Bronze.
  • Prime and prepare surfaces, replace rotted wood trim.
  • Paint trim and reachable wood parts of house..... a mushroom-y brown?? Gray-ish?
  • Paint wood siding a warm ivory.
  • Paint doors some contrasting color that will look modern...gray-blue? Slate? Black? Ebony-brown stain? Eggplant??
Have any suggestions for me? Advice? Painted your house recently? Drop me a line!!
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  1. My house is yellow with white trim.

  2. Oh wow, exteriors are such a huge job! I remember my dad out on the ladder with a steamer in one hand and a scraper in the other for weeks on end! (of course that was for about one hour at a time after work ...) Your ideas sound great- you can pick a nice grey/brown color from your stones out front, and have fun with your front door! That's an easy enough change that you can redo it if you don't like it (as I've done a few times myself!) Just remember that the darker the color, the faster it begins to bubble and crack from the sun (dark colors get hotter.)
    Best of luck- as you say, just about anything will be better than green!
    Thanks for stopping by my place!
    - Meg

  3. Well, I agree with the previous comment. It's really not that easy to decide for the perfect color. For me it's important that you are comfortable with what you will choose. You will always have the joy in your heart every time you enter your house. But I appreciate that you are open to suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

    Lifetime Exteriors


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