Sunday, August 8, 2010

Doldrums of Summer

Kids are bored and saying things like: I can't wait to go back to school. I'm bored.I'm tired.I want to watch ICarly for the bazillionith time.I'm hungry.

It's August and only weeks left, and what have we done all summer?

Camping twice at the beach. Very nice. But short trips, both under a week.

Swimming at Mom In Law's pool...barbeques..not much traveling at all.

I have to say, this was a most relaxing but inactive summer.....

No amusement parks, no raging waters, no long plane rides.....

Some back to school shopping on Friday...

Partly to save $$$$(since just buying our house in November), partly out of other obligations (can someone tell me WHY school sports start in the SUMMER?), partly because the weather here has been so, well, NON-SUMMERY! This morning, it is downright COLD! (OK for me, cold is 67 degrees...but trust me it won't get above 80 today and will be in the 60's at the beaches. My tomatoes even stopped ripening!) Last summer, we were roasting and went to the beach every chance we got...

Well here are things we certainly CAN do:

  1. Bike rides (we finally all have bikes...thanks, Craigslist!)
  2. Hiking--fareeeee, people!
  3. Swap Meet-  Oh I loves me a good SM-
  4. Hollywood-- its always fun to go and gawk at the tourists-- haha!
  5. Outdoor concerts--there's always one nearby...
  6. Festival/Fair/Farmers markets
  7. Drive.. to the mountains, to the beach(bring a parka), to the desert
  8. Family-- there's always Nana's pool....
Make it a Great Day!


  1. Summer goes by to fast. We just finished up our fmily vacation and I'm busy trying to get some final projects around the house done.

  2. Yes me too-- I am finally painting and recovering the seat on 2 chairs I bought way back in May!


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