Monday, September 13, 2010

Two Afters and a Before....

Remember THESE Chairs?

Here is the Before:

Here is the 1st After:

Nice? Yeah, except I just wasn't feelin' it....

 I have this problem: I keep trying to get Blue in my life (it IS my fave color) but somehow it never works out for me! I fall in love with a black and white fabric, for example, these:  

 and then a green, This:

and then wam-o blue is out of the picture.

Now here is the 2nd After:
Here's a DURING in case your interested. Just for the record: I am buying my chairs BRAND NEW from now on. Whew what a process...

Here they are, side by side, premakeover and post:

another view---they are sooo pretty:

Much better in my black, white and green-accented living room. Until I change my mind again, which I just might. I figure if I keep the large furnishings and walls neutral, then I can add any accent color and fabrics I want later to change it up.
Here's to remind me, my inspiration room, which mixes it all up, white, brown, etc. I love it so much.

I like this one, too...with a much lighter palette and white walls...closer to my exisiting room layout too...not crazy 'bout the rug--I'd do an updated persian in warm muted tones...

Make it a Great Day!
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  1. Just wannna see how this works

  2. very very nice! i have a pair almost exactly like that im building up the courage to conquer!

  3. As a self proclaimed chair-a-holic those are great. I like the black and white best; but I always like bold contrasts.

    Don't give up, it does get easier.

  4. Hi! I just had to come look at your chairs, and they are lovely! LOVE your inspiration room! (the first one)
    You did a great job!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Thanks for popping in to my blog!
    I really love the black and white fabric you chose, and it makes the chair look soooo expensive!
    I too am in love with blue and white. I did manage to find a fabric that I fell in love with. If you want to have a look here's my link:
    Don't give up on the chairs! It doesn't take long to get the hang of it.
    Megs :)


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