Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Makeovers! Befores and Afters Madness!

 LOve painting things BLACK.

Here a a few new BLACK makeovers I did. You KNOW I LOVE painting furniture BLACK (see here and here) Its a quick and easy update and goes with almost ANY decor. Plus it moderns up even the most homely piece. Grandma-ish instantly becomes tres chic

I always use Rustoleum Satin Black spray paint...if I can find it the 2x cover. Otherwise, the normal is fine. It totally beats any other brand, IMHO. (Thats, In My Honest Opinion...y'know how long I went not knowing what the hark that meant? You're welcome... ;) )

These guys were for a friend... ugly outdated orange oak before:

and ta-daaaa!
I even modge-podged printed-out antique maps in the inner cubby(which was really sticky and gross before...quick fix!)

Next up, I found this poor thing at S.A. (That's Salvation Army...don't you love knowledge?) It was 50% off and marked $14.00, somehow I got caught it the Sale frenzy and thought $7.00 was a good price. I later found I probably wouldn't have paid over a dollar or 2 for it at a garage sale...Only after I got it home I realized it was missing a part! One of the front decorative do-dads that hold in the magazines was missing. Great. But crafty-me just cut a dowel to size and Liquid-Nailed it up...
(sorry I can't find my "before" photo...does anyone have tips on haw to organize photos? Man, I'm always losing them!)
I used my trusty Rustoleum Satin Black, added some strategically placed distressing, and finished with a light coat of Wipe-On Poly.  Here she is, ready for her close-up!

Now, for the Grandma table. No, really, Great Grandma gave it to us. I asked if it was OK to paint it, and until now, was not sure what color. Of course, it HAD to be black... I LOVE it now-- its sooo Ballards, don't you think? Gawd, its soo much better! (Sorry Grandma)
OK, now one last one... a very GREEN mirror:

Becomes sooooo Paris-cafe when dressed in black, no?

Make it a Great Day!
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  1. I LOVE how that mirror turned out! Tres chic! :) I painted our master bath vanity black and it came out awesome. And I just picked up some black spray paint last week to do a few stand-alone pieces. Hope mine come out as nice as yours!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. We have similar 'ice chest' end tables and coffee table. I've been wanting to paint them black for some time now. I think I will darken the oak on top and paint the rest black. Wonderful job on all the projects!

  3. I love all of your pieces. The maps in the bottom of the end tables add a special touch! Great job.

  4. I love finishing pieces in black too! Great job, especially your Grandma's side table.

  5. Wonderful re-makes! I just love finding a "piece of junk" and making it work!

  6. what is it about black that just makes everything look automatically classier? very nicely done- love that chair, too! thanks for joining my party!

  7. I've never thought of painting furniture black, but it really does look fab!


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