Monday, October 11, 2010

My green sofa and chair...and house tour Oct 11 2010

Well here's what my house looks like this morning. (the boxes by the fireplace are Entertainment Books..which I volunteered to help sell at school--try to ignore)

 The green sofa I talked about in this post........

another view............

Here's the infamous polka -dot recliner--ahem--HUBS crazy polka-dot recliner. In the den. I must say it did bring some much-needed life....but now what do I accessorize with? ACK!!!! I have to get rid of all the other patterned pillows/fabrics that don't match this ...

View into dining room.... boy that mirror/buffet looks way off scale-wise doesn't it--that big walls is so bare! gotta try and get that mirror hung- or maybe move this  entire setup into the entry hall... I need a bigger area rug or whaaaat! saw one I like at Home Depot, but I am scared its too "patterny"...

Here's a close-upmy Halloween vignette (I don't mean vinaigrette aka salad...hope I spelled it right lol)
The houses and figures are Nightmare Before Christmas....

But how I wish I knew how to mix patterns like Sarah does she do that? So many patterns, yet it never looks "busy" to me

Or Laurie Smith from trading spaces fame:

great book btw....

Well, that's it for now--
Make it a Great Day!


  1. Ann, I absolutely adore your polka dot chair! Nice addition!

    Thanks for droppin' by my b.l.o.g.

    -dani @ JustDropsintheBucket

  2. I think the mixed pattern thing works when you are working within a color scheme. If you will note, the first pic you posted it is very monochromatic, black white and grays it looks like. The second everything is white with the pops of color in the same hue family and against a neutral backdrop. (white walls) 3rd one again, neutral walls, the colors are all in the same hue family and the same goes for the last pic.
    I think you have a great base to go from in your family room. You can add plenty of extra pattern and pop to the sofa with coordinating pillows or throws. You don't have to match the chair just fid things you love that "go with" the chair. Design is like getting dressed in the morning. If you can put together an outfit and asseccorise it, looking and feeling polished you can certainly put together a room! You are already on your way!

  3. Thanks, Jamie. I think I have to just "go for it" and trust my taste on this. I think most of the time in design people are too timid, which leads to boring rooms, or rooms that lack character. My big fear is becoming "cluttered" (that's my particular nightmare) but I think if I regularly check myself I should be OK. Thanks for the advice and support!


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